Employee Information and Support

The City of Rice Lake has a population of 8,400 and is located in Barron County, which has a population of 46,000. It also attracts employees from surrounding counties. It has a great diversified industrial base with strong retail and medical companies to complement this base. Certain statistics on the City and Barron County: (Note that much data is only at the County level only.)-- Source--West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development also publishes additional information for Barron County.



Barron County

Population 8,441 45,733
Labor force N/A 24,270
Unemployment rate N/A 8.0%
Per Capita Personal Income N/A $31,249
Representative Hourly Wage Rates—(mean)

Team Assemblers
Industrial Mach. Mech.  
Secretaries/Adm. Assistants   

(All N/A)


The City has two colleges that will work with companies extensively on general and specialized training. They are WITC,  and  UW-Barron County