Utilities Information

Electricity, Waste treatment, Water

Rice Lake Utilities, (RLU), owned by the City, is governed by a 5-member Utility Commission which manages all facets of the electricity, waste treatment and water of the City. We are proud of our service, cost and quality. From a cost standpoint, we have some of the lowest costs per kW hour in the State of Wisconsin, a low cost energy State. In addition, we have substantial excess water and waste treatment capacity. For more information see Rice Lake Utilities

Natural Gas

Rice Lake is served locally by We-energies, which is supplied by two high-pressure supply pipelines: Northern Natural Gas and Viking Gas Transmission Company. All available industrial properties have access to natural gas service.


Rice Lake offers several options for phone, internet and cable television. The four primary service providers are:

Other Communications are as follows:

Broadband internet Expansion presently improving bandwidth and speed.